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classprnxxx.com is a social casino. This page contains only terms of use.

Before using our website, you should read the Terms of Service carefully. Downloading our game with the service means that:

you have read the Terms of Service and accept them in their entirety

you agree not to use the Service unlawfully

you agree to be bound by the rules set forth in game etiquette

you have read and approved the rules for responsible gaming

you agree that your personal data may be processed to the extent specified in the Terms of Service.

Conditions for the provision of services offered through the Service with the following name: classprnxxx.com Social Online Casino

General provisions

1.1. The Terms of Service define the rules for the use by individual users (hereinafter referred to as "Users") of interactive services (hereinafter referred to as "Services") offered by the Service Provider through the Internet service under the following name: classprnxxx.com Social Online Casino (hereinafter referred to as the "Service").

1.2. The services offered by the service provider are to provide registered service users ("members") with access to the service, which includes a gaming platform operated for entertainment purposes, and to enable users to get in touch and receive information and share opinions with other persons interested in games and improve their knowledge of game-related topics.

1.3. As part of the services offered by the service provider, members can participate in games in which the score depends on their reaction time, dexterity and perception. To become the winner, a player must score the most points in a relevant game that requires the application of the above skills, or in games in which the score or the final result depends to some extent or solely on chance.

1.4. Using the services made available through the Service and applying for a Service Membership is tantamount to acknowledging and accepting the terms and conditions set forth herein and being bound by such terms and conditions each time the Service is accessed. Users who access the Service without registering as a Member are bound by the Terms of Service to the extent provided in the Act on the provision of services by electronic means.

1.5. The Service Provider wishes to state that it will not enter into individual agreements with Service Users or Members. All service users and members using the services made available through the service by the service provider will only comply with these terms of service.

1.6. The Terms of Service can be viewed and printed at any time.

1.7. The ability to fully enjoy all the features of the games accessible through the Service depends on whether the player's computer or mobile device meets certain technical requirements. Service users are responsible for ensuring technical compatibility between their devices and the Service.

1.8. The Service Provider is not responsible for any unavailability of the Service due to factors beyond its control or unforeseen circumstances. In addition, the service provider reserves the right to suspend or terminate the provision of the services through the service at any time and for any reason, especially if the service is to undergo maintenance work, revision or technical expansion, subject to prior notice to service users and registered members.


2.1 In order to play games available through the Service, Users must certify that they are over 18 years of age.

2.3 The Service Provider would like to point out to Service Users that, as the outcome of some of the games in games made available through the Service will depend on the responsiveness, dexterity and perceptiveness of players, especially those who suffer from certain types of disabilities. visual impairment or motor disability, may find it difficult to use the Service. The Service Provider advises that, given the current level of advancements in IT technology, it does not have the means to ensure special access to the Service for the disabled. At the same time, the Service Provider wishes to assure Service Users that, as soon as this is technologically feasible, it will provide such persons with access to sp

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